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Meridian - G.L. Pease

#1 von Arno , 03.10.2010 10:20

Erstmal hier nur das englische Zitat:

"The Collection
The tobaccos in the Old London Series are made using old, time honoured methods utilized by some of the old blending houses. Whole strips - leaves with the mid-ribs removed - are blended in layers and pressed into cakes, and briefly matured to allow some fermentation, and for the flavours of the tobaccos to integrate. The cakes are then sliced traditionally, and either left in flakes, or tumbled into a form that is something between a ribbon and a broken flake. The results are well worth the extra steps.

My Thoughts
These blends offer something unique in today's world of cost-cutting, production shortcuts and chemcial "enhancements." My intention was to turn back the clock and use traditional methods to produce some blends reminiscent of some that haven't been around for decades, but modern in their formulations. The collection will never be a large one - so far, only five blends are planned - but each will be unique, and will provide the smoker with a delightful journey, with one foot in the past, and one in the present. "

Gruss Arno

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