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Pipe Makers Emporium

#1 von Arno , 02.08.2010 21:28

...hier bekommt jeder alles, um Pfeifen zu bauen..

Gruss Arno

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RE: Pipe Makers Emporium

#2 von Arno , 17.08.2011 00:31

Hallo zusammen,

Das August Newsletter kam vorhin. Ist ne gute Adresse finde ich.

August 2011

Your "Smokin" Good News


Tobacco smoke! Blue-gray in wreaths,--
Blue laurel-wreaths which float in air,
As if, invisible, serene,
A dreaming angel hovered there,
A spirit of clam kindliness,--
A touch of eyes that smile through tears,--
A mantle of forgetfulness,
Thrown in the passions of the years.
I cross my knees, I puff my pipe,
The gentle Summer warmth creeps in;
The Summer warmth 'mid Winter's snows,--
For indolence shall banish sin,--
And watch the tasseled smoke-drops fall,
And note the fringed smoke-plumes rise,
And see the dreams, in legions, turn
To smoky nothings in the skies.
Tobacco smoke, like silken web,
Suspended in the restful airs,
To me and mine in soothing rhymes
A dainty, artless burden bears;
Let cares rage on-- let hopes renew--
The Yesterday, Tomorrow be--
But we are wise the smoke and I;
We cease regrets and troubles flee.
-A. B. Tucker

Hi everyone,

I'd like to start by thanking my July Pipe Maker of the month, Tom Leedy. Tom is
a great guy with some very creative pipe making skills. If you didn't get the chance
to visit his web site please do at: []

I don't know if you can agree with me, but I can't wait for summer to end. This
has been a record hot summer, which is typical here in Arizona, but off the charts
for our customers around the states and even for our customers up north in Canada.
So I'm sure you'll agree with me, fall can't get here soon enough.

When I think of Fall I think of cooler temperatures and harvest time. Though here
in Arizona we don't experience fall like most of the country, we do have our fair
share of harvest, pumpkins, squash and corn.

Speaking of corn, we have this fabulous Corn Cob Pipe to give-a-way to one of our
lucky customers. This Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob with a "Forever" Stem and a nickel/silver
band was donated to us by Dave and Sue Wolff of Walker Briar Works.

Walker Briar Works says:

We are a Missouri Meerschaum dealer and proudly sell their Corn Cob pipes. Missouri
Meerschaums are wonderful pipes, but their stems leave a lot to be desired. Many
times the stems get chewed up beyond comfortable use well before the corn cob bowls
have given up the ghost. We offer a solution which we call 'Forever Stems'(TM).
Our 'Forever Stems' range from Standard and fancy Vulcanite replacements to Churchwardens
to Fancy colored swirl Lucite. These stems are all individually made from stem blanks
of the best materials available. The stems and buttons are hand shaped and the dot
is hand inlaid.

The stem dot on each stem, an Acrylic circle with a Brass dot centered in it, gives
an added 'touch of class' to these beautiful stems. A nickel/silver band can also
be added to the pipe shank. Your ho-hum Corn Cob pipe will become a conversation
piece, something you won't hesitate to smoke in public (if the law allows!), and
will still give the wonderful smoke you expect from a corn cob pipe. The neat part
is that with few exceptions, one Forever corn cob stem fits all Missouri Meerschaum
Corn Cob pipes, old and new. You will be able to move your stem from pipe to pipe
to pipe forever.

To learn more about them, please visit their site at []

Here is a little history on Missouri Meerschaum and how the corn cob pipe got its

Washington, Missouri has long been known as the "Corn Cob Pipe Capital of the World."
It was the Missouri Meerschaum Company, still the world's oldest and largest manufacturer
of the cool, sweet-smelling corn cob pipes, that began the tradition for which Washington
became famous.

In 1869 Henry Tibbe, a Dutch immigrant woodworker, first began production of the
corn cob pipe. Legend has it that a local farmer whittled a pipe out of corn cob
and liked it so much he asked Henry Tibbe to try turning some on his lathe. The
farmer was well-pleased with his pipes so Henry made a few more and put them for
sale in his shop. They proved to be such a fast selling item that soon Tibbe spent
more time making pipes for his customers than working with wood. Soon Tibbe went
into full time production of corn cob pipes. In 1907, the H. Tibbe & Son Co. became
the Missouri Meerschaum Company.

The word Meerschaum is taken from a German word that means "sea foam". It is a Turkish
clay used in high grade pipes. Tibbe likened his light, porous pipes and their cool
smoke to that of the more expensive meerschaum pipes and coined the name "Missouri
Meerschaum" for his pipes. Tibbe and a chemist friend devised an innovative system
of applying a plaster-based substance to the outside of the corn cob bowls. In 1878,
Tibbe patented this process.

A nationwide distribution system was established for the sale of his pipes. Other
pipe firms also developed; by 1925 there were as many as a dozen corn cob pipe companies
in Franklin County, most of them in Washington. Today, Missouri Meerschaum stands
alone as the first and only surviving piece of the living history. These gentle
pipes are smoked and loved all over the world as well as being used as souvenirs,
often imprinted with the name of the city, business or event.

Coming soon

See contest details at: []


Stain Kit Save $10.00


Reg. price $56.25

Vulcanite Stems

VU429, VU435, VU719, VU612

Buy 2 dozen of these styles

and get the 3rd dozen "free"

Of equal or lesser value

Limit 4 free dozen

1. Don't forget to reserve your tables for the November West Coast Show in Las Vegas.
Hope to see you there.
2. Please check out our Close-out section on our home page
3. The Algerian Ebauchon blocks we ordered haven't come in yet. I will send an email
when the order arrives.

Until next time, stay cool !


See all our great products at: []

Find us on Facebook []

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Gruss Arno

Beiträge: 13.560
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