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Dunhill 1935 Shell Horn with Vernon Tenon

#1 von Arno , 20.01.2010 15:32


Dunhill 1935 Shell Horn with Vernon Tenon

When Joel Sasieni left as factory manager in 1917, Alfred Dunhill turned to his younger brother Vernon to take over the position, which he did most admirably. Like Alfred, Vernon was what we would call today a true "pipe geek," and was constantly innovating production methods. In the early 1930's, he came up with the Root finish and simultaneous obtained a patent for a new tenon design, one which we still call the "Vernon" tenon. As shown at the left, it consisted of a series of three aluminum tines which grasped the bit from within. The advantage of this design was that it allowed the pipe to be disassembled even when hot without risk of breaking the shank. It was, however, expensive to manufacture, and proved somewhat unpopular with traditional clients; hence it was discontinued in about 1940.

Here it is applied to a most unusual and intriguing pipe, a dramatic horn shape that could equally well have been made by Sven or Teddy Knudsen some 50 years later. In addition to its sinuous shape, it is distinguished by a very deep and dramatic blast, especially on the left side, on which a broad swath of grain sweeps across the bowl at an angle. The other side is a field of birdseye.

The color is first rate, and is the equal of the condition.

All in all a most handsome and unusual pipe of no little historical interest.

Gruss Arno

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