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Aalbørg Second brand produced by Erik Nørding

Albion An outlet of the former Bentley production

Antique Second brand produced by Viggo Nielsen. Antique pipes are also known from France and Italy.

Bijou Second by Stanwell; discontinued.

CARLOM Maker for Pipe-Dan.

Crown Second brand produced by Preben Holm and today by Poul Winsløw.

Danbark Sub-brand of Søren Refbjerg Rasmussen → Refbjerg.

Danish Sovereign Second by Stanwell

Danish Quaint
Danmore The pipes appeared next to other manufacture brands (Tabago, Torben Dansk e.a.) in the first cataloge of DAN PIPE (originally named "Danske Pibe"), a pipe and tobacco mailing enterprise established by Heiko Behrens in 1972. Following the pipes became well-known and quite popular in Germany.

Danske Club Second by Stanwell

DON / Don Bari sub-brand??? - not confirmed! Series: Old Briar.

Eriksen Second brand produced by Erik Nørding

Excellent A Bari second

Faaborg Brand name used by Viggo Nielsen (†) and his sons. Named for their hometown Faaborg / Fyn.

FEA Used by Poul Rasmussen (†) - unconfirmed!

Handicraft of Copenhagen Private label brand made for Copenhagen tobacconist Remo Sørensen who bought pipes (mainly) from W.Ø. Larsen and Pibe-Dan.

Harcourt Preben Holm (†), later Erik Nørding for Dunhill.

Henley Second by Stanwell; discontinued.

Jensen company Georg Jensen; Lille Skensved, closed app. 2004, jetzt Stanwell

Knute Made by Karl Erik Ottendahl (†)

Larsen & Stigart Retail Store.

Löfberg Made by Svend Bang himself! → S. Bang

Marc Dane Sub-brand of Søren Eric Andersen; Søndersø.

Monte Verde Sub-brand by Preben Holm (†).

Natures Bounty "HANDMADE IN DENMARK" - Maker unknown. Private brand of Iwan Ries Co.; Chicago, IL.

Navigator Sub-brand / second of Kriswill.

Nimbus Joint venture of Tom Eltang & Former Nielsen.

Ocaso Second brand produced by Erik Nørding

Reddish Second by Stanwell; discontinued

Rungstedt Sub-brand by Preben Holm. Series: Mariner, Norseman, Seafarer

Sailor Second by Stanwell; discontinued.

Scandia Second by Stanwell.

Sorn Presumeably a second by Stanwell.

Sven Egholm Name is fictional! Made by Karl Erik Ottendahl (†).

Svendson Second by Stanwell.

Viby Sub-brand / second by Benni Jørgensen.

Viking Line of large freehands by Bari. Second by Bjarne?

Wengholt Sub-brand by Preben Holm (†).

Wenhall Made by Karl Erik Ottendahl (†).

White Star Sub-brand / Second by Georg Jensen.

Zodiac Sub-brand by Preben Holm (†).

Zenia Sub brand by Svend Axel Celius, named after his daughter.

Wiking European spelling of Viking by Bari.

Frasorteret Sub-brand by Preben Holm (†).

Gerrit Jan



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