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Stanwell Dating & Pricing Information

#1 von Arno , 31.01.2009 13:55

Von Bas erhielt ich heute eine tolle Aufstellung der Datierungen von Stanwell seit Beginn.

Vielen Dank an Bas!

Gruss Arno

Stanwell Dating (von Basil Stevens).doc
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RE: Stanwell Dating & Pricing Information

#2 von Arno , 01.02.2009 16:59

Hier mal die Liste im Original...


Stanwell Dating & Pricing Information

Notes from early 1950s Stanwell catalogue:
100 – 199: Best Make
200 – 299: De Luxe
300 – 399: Old Briar
400 – 499: Fine Briar
700 – 799: Sandblast Extra
800 – 899: Sandblast De Luxe
900 – 999: Royal Tan (Tanshell blast)

Dating Information:
1) Regd. No. stamping discontinued in late 1960s to very early 1970s. This is the Stanwell trade mark registration. The “48” indicates that the registration was made in 1948. (info rec’d from Jorgen Grundtvig, Managing Director, Stanwell A/S)
2) Block letter stamp “Silver S” used until late 1960s and then changed to script.
3) Up until the early 1960s only the top pipes, e.g. “Hand Cut” had the stem/mouthpieces stamped with the Stanwell logo of a crown over “S”. The “Hand Cut” is stamped on the shank of the pipe. The “Standard Models” may or may not be stamped with the “S” logo without the crown.
4) “Stanwell” stamp in script dates to the 1950s.
5) Progression of the Stanwell logo is: “S” in white paint; crown “S” in white paint; brass crown “S” and finally a silver crown “S”.
6) “Handcut” stamped on black vulcanite stems have not been done since at least the 1970s and possibly earlier. (info from J.G.).
7) Currently, the only mouthpieces that have “Handcut” stamped on them are made of Cumberland rod and are used exclusively on the “Unique” line of pipes. (info from J.G.)
8) Early Stanwell/Winslow pipes were stamped with a “W”. In later years this has been changed to a “Winslow” stamp.
9) Stanwell started using acrylic for their mouthpieces in 1995 and identified the acrylic stem with a “dot” following the Stanwell crown “S” logo. This practice has been discontinued.
10) Benni Jorgensen, father of Lasse Skovgaard, has been doing the Stanwell repairs since1995. Prior to this, they were done by Tom Eltang.

Pricing Information from early 1950s catalogue:
Straight Grain: from 90.00 DKK.
Hand Cut, polished 60.00 DKK.
Hand Cut, sandblast 60.00 DKK.
Best Make 42.00 DKK.
Extra, sandblast 42.00 DKK.
Flame Grain, polished 36.00 DKK.
De Luxe, polished 30.00 DKK.
De Luxe, sandblast 30.00 DKK.
Old Briar, polished 22.50 DKK.

Pricing Information from 1971:
De Luxe, (smooth walnut brown and black sandblasted finish) $8.25 US
Royal Briar, (smooth walnut, black and sandblasted) $10.80 US
Hand Made, (smooth walnut, brown and black sandblasted) $13.60 US
Hand Made Oil, (smooth light walnut oil finish) $13.60 US
Hand Made Bark, (extra selected, natural briar bark on the rim, $13.60 US
finish like hand made)
Giant Sandblast, (also brown sandblasted) $16.90 US
Flame Grain, (extra selected grain, flawless, smooth, light) $17.60 US Flame Grain Bark, (extra selected grain, natural bark rim, smooth light $17.60 US
Walnut only)
Silhouette, (smooth black finish with ivory ring) $18.25 US
Giant, (walnut, smooth finish) $20.75 US
Prestige, (flawless perfect grain, only smooth, golden finish) $26.00 US
Prestige Giant, (flawless perfect grain, only smooth golden finish) $34.00 US

Pricing on top models – mid to late 1980s
Hand Cut – smooth 1500 DKK.
- blast 1200 DKK.
Silver S 600 DKK.
Golden Contrast 600 DKK.

More Recent Grading (through to mid 1990s):

Hand Cut:
This line of Stanwells was manufactured in the early to mid 1980s and was part of their “Specialty” line. They were priced approximately 2.5 times more than the top-of-the-line Silver S series. What sets these pipes apart from the Silver S series is that the mouthpieces were made of Cumberland rod. Not only that but, the mouthpieces were hand-cut by the likes of Tom Eltang, Peter Hedegaard, Jess Chonowitsch, etc., the handmakers, for each individual pipe in their own shop. The Hand Cut series was available in both smooth and a blast finish. The underneath of the stem is stamped “handcut”; the stem carries the Stanwell crown over S logo in brass. The shank is stamped “Stanwell” over “Made in Denmark”. It should be noted that none of these pipes had a Stanwell shape number stamped on the shank, as is the Stanwell tradition.

Silver S:
Do you remember the Silver S - Stanwell's very finest line until they were discontinued some 10 years ago.
No nonsense pipes with great wood and an almost natural virgin finish. And obviously fitted with the famous silver S in the stem.

Golden Contrast:

Bamboos in general:
All of the Stanwell Bamboos made during the 1970s were crafted by a Mr. Larsen. He sometimes, in order to unify bamboo and bowl-shape, gave the pipes a freehand touch. (Søren Lundh Aagaard, Managing Director, Stanwell – email of 08-05-16)

Bamboo Smooth:
Bamboo is probably the best-known of Stanwell's pipes. The bamboo shank gives an extra dry smoke and will darken when smoked. Good wood with excellent sandblasting or smooth with beautiful grain. Most of the smooth pipes are golden light brown and a few are darker brown.

Bamboo Sandblast

Brazilia Sandblast

Brazilia Smooth

Golden King

Brass Band Smooth:
Brass Band is one of Stanwell's older series - fine pipes with deco of 2 brass rings separated with a ring of Cumberland, and brass S imbedded in the stem.
The series is no longer made.

Brass Band Sandblast

De Luxe

Royal Prince


Danish Star


All Freehands were originally cut in factory by Poul Hansen. All Sixten Ivarsson designed shapes were cut in factory by Poul Hansen. (info from Jess Chonowitsch to Mike Glukler, Chicago, 1996)

Free Style:
Free Style is the name we are using for individual pipes, either in shape or in finish, made by our internal pipemakers. During the year they are making a lot of experiments with finishes and rings etc.
“When we don't need these samples any longer we sell them. We group them in 3 categories: A, B and C. A being the most expensive and C the least expensive”. (info rec’d from J.G., 05-11-21)

Additional notes from Jorgen Grundtvig
Golden S:
This series was last produced in the mid to late 1970s. Its distinguishing mark was an 18 carat gold Stanwell logo, crown and “S”, on the mouthpiece. (email 06-05-19)

Danish Sovereign:
This is a Stanwell 2nd that was marketed only in the United States and Canada. This line has 3 “X”s, no more, stamped on the mouthpiece. (email 06-05-19)

“An Ivarsson Product”:
Ivarsson shapes, especially when they were sold to Japan, were stamped in this way. Ivarsson had a very good and special reputation in Japan. (email 06-05-19)

Competition Markings

Pipes stamped with DM and a year, are ones that were made for the Danish Pipe Smoking Championship.

Pipes stamped with NM and a year, are ones that were made for the Nordic/Scandinavian Pipe Smoking Championship.

Pipes stamped with FM are ones that were made for the Frederikshavn Pipe Smoking Championship.

Chess Series

This series is comprised of the Rook, Queen, King and Bishop.

The production of the Chess series was originally overseen by Johann Larsen. This job is now being done by Poul Winslow.

Specialty Series

The Specialty Series is comprised of eleven different shapes: 162 Calabash byJess Chonowitsch; 163 Facet by Jess Chonowitsch; 164 Trio by Tom Eltang; 167 Omega by Jess Chonowitsch; 168 Golf by Jess Chonowitsch; 170 Rhodesian by Bang; 171 Hexagon by Jess Chonowitsch; 172 Viking by Jess Chonowitsch; 173 Rhodesian by Bang; 194 Facet; 198 Boa; 203 Diamond; 205 Lotus; 206 Lilje, Blowfish by Tom Eltang (no shape number0.

Information © and compiled by Basil D. Stevens


Gruss Arno

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